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August 23, 2013


JoAnn in CO

:: sigh :: Yes. Someone told me that it would get easier with each child. Um, no, it does NOT. Because each time another child leaves, ANOTHER CHILD LEAVES! And our nest is getting less full....I know, we'll enjoy each new stage. But for some reason, when they were all at home, everything felt the same for a long time. As if nothing would really change. And that all began to change five years ago (for us), when the first one graduated and left....Hugs and God bless.


I cried a few tears when Myriah moved out... and she is within walking distance! It is so hard to watch them go!

Rebecca W.

I'll do my best to take care of them both! I'm looking forward to getting to know Alex better. :) Good luck and God bless back at home.


Oh my goodness, this is our house this past week...so. so hard. Our little Miss is so attached to her big brothers, for her, it is a childhood of good-byes. (sniff...sniff) I know it is all good, but good usually doesn’t mean....easy!!!
Hugs to all of you!

Our Magnum Opus

Bless you Rebecca! And good luck with that! LOL You are in our prayers for a wonderful and successful school year too!


Our house too - thank goodness only one! Driving back Friday night we were talking about it and Steve said, I wonder how we will feel when Anna is doing this as the Class of 2031!!!! I am SO grateful for all the years I still have kids at home.

I have been baking non-stop to fill the void, and missing my helper daughter.

Our Magnum Opus

Baking would be peaceful at least. I have extra ten year old boys at my house. It's wild. :) They certainly fill the void!! (Can you believe, I am just learning how to reply to comments on my blog?!)

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