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August 03, 2013



Dear Bridget,

I am Rebecca's mother, Katie. Do you have an email address? I'd like to invite you and your family on a pilgrimage to a shrine in OH.


Thanks for forcing me to think of fall menu plans Bridget. My summer plans have been rather abyssmal. I have fall menus from prior years that I need to go through. I found sourdough bread too time consuming - I have a couple of recipes I can send you that are quick - Artisan bread in 5 minutes for lunches and some good wholewheat loaves which work well for sandwiches. Also quick dinner rolls which are yummy. I have to figure out a quicker clean up - so the boys don't dwadle and delay schoolwork. I have some good recipes for bulk yogurt including crockpot yogurt, and yogurt with powdered milk.

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