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November 05, 2010



I shared a little bit here http://catholicmemories.blogspot.com/2009/11/budgeting-one-baby-step-at-time.html and here http://catholicmemories.blogspot.com/2009/11/grocery-budget-challenge.html


Great tips, Bridget! Perhaps you could dry more clothes without the drier -that's all I could think of that you are not alredy doing. And we don't use coupons either for the same reason (as Jonathan once said, we shop for 'ingredients'). :-) As for buying in very large bulk you just have to make sure you have no possible pests around like food moths that could spoil your investment.

Ann Youngblood

There is a blog Happy Hearts At Home that I read. The author has some wonderful cost saving ideas that might be worthwhile for you to learn about.


We found that that hanging laundry. In the basement during the winter, or outside during the summer takes a little more time, but is essentially free. We usually half dry towels and dress shirts on the line and then move them to the dryer. Diapers get whiter and drier in the sun too. They key is to not let the laundry build up, and to have enough hanging space.

We have also been buying most of our grains in bulk. When we buy something at the Co-op that is on sale we can stack the case and sale discounts. We get organic brown rice, lentils, and rolled oats in 25 or 50 lb bags that last 6 months to a year with the 4 of us. Also thing like raisins, crackers, flour or anything that stores well. Sure a 5 kilo (11lb) bag of dutch processed cocoa powder seems like a lot, but you can also split it with someone(that one has lasted two years). I don't remember the dollar per pound savings off hand, but my wife does a little dance when she calculates it.

Seeds are cheap. Garlic and potatoes are a bit more, but still cheaper than buying. Plus you can pick the kind you grow instead of what the stores carry. Fedco has multiple pages of each kind of vegetable so you can pick for your families tastes. Come on, who doesn't like blue potatoes?


Wisebread.com and Stretcher.com are amazing resources.

I wrote about saving money on laundry:

and savings around the house:

I think we're all in the same boat - making every penny count.


A few ideas that have helped us save more money: ~We've eliminated using disposable products wherever possible; covering dishware in the refrigerator with a plate, rather than plastic wrap or foil, in the oven with a cookie sheet or inverted pan.
~Living in a rural area, it costs anywhere from $20-$50 anytime we leave home, for gas and other expenses, so we limit grocery trips to once a month and combine other errands with dh's commute to work.
~Borrowing books and movies from our library saves a great deal of money, especially since the libraries we use do not charge for most movies and there are no overdue fines on books or CDs.
~Using only dial-up internet, the cheapest landline phone service, and no cable television for many, many years has really saved $$$.
~Sending e-cards or home made cards, instead of expensive storebought ones, has provided additional savings. Re-using gift wrap and gift bags multiple times, as well as using recyclable decorations for birthdays saves, too. We have a vinyl birthday tablecloth that has seen many a joyous birthday celebration for about 15 years.
~~~Good luck with your efforts of frugality and good stewardship! Your BLOG is always an inspiration!


Haven't seen you guys in a while and I only check in here every once in a long while, but here I am with my favorite frugal tip that not many people do. At least once a year (or when the rates go up) call your cable company (if that is where you get tv or internet) and tell them you are going to cancel your service. In many years of doing this they have never failed to give me a 'special rate' to keep me from cancelling. In fact the nice customer service lady this year said I SHOULD call back at least once a year and ask for specials. I subscribe to the cheapest tv package I can and I know my end price is way below their 'bundle' prices (tv, internet and phone). I have at least one friend I convinced to do it and now she is convinced too!

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