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October 03, 2010


Mommy of 16

That is so GREAT!!! We are so blessed to have Nathaniel and Gus serving the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Did your boys serve at this Mass? How very exciting for all of the Greater Ann Arbor area. Deo Gracias!!!
On another joyful note, we are expecting and due on June 7th. I'm of coarse hoping for May 26th ( my 43rd birthday).

Julie @ Trinity Acres

I am so very happy for you! What a blessing!

Heather - Doodle Acres

What a blessing! We have been blessed with the Missa Cantata here for the last couple of years, and our family has been truly blessed and enriched by it. So happy for you!!!


I am so glad to hear it went well! We considered driving up for it, but our day was jam packed already. We've been blessed with the Tridentine Mass at our parish for years. It is so beautiful!


We have recently fallen in love with the Tridentine Mass. It has been offered in San Diego for many, many years - wish we would have 'discovered' it sooner. I am so happy for you and your family. There are many very sweet children's missals (maybe not actual missals?) full of gorgeous pictures for your young ones. I found a good number at our homeschooling conference this past summer. Blessings!

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