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September 10, 2010



Thank you for taking the time to share what you learned.


Thanks so much for sharing this, Bridget! What lovely, graceful ladies and such down to earth advice. And I was tickled to scroll down and see who the 'musical sons' are! I've been planning to get Cake for Dinner for Eliza for Christmas (but I'm not sure I can wait that long). God bless!


Awesome post, Bridget!! I just spent a few minutes catching up....sounds like things are going well, love seeing all the pics of the Labor Day picnic....and so glad that Kevin is doing well. I must say, my heart did a near stop when I read that Kevin did the bungee jump....and re-read it to see it was Kevin JR!! :()
We need to get together soon!!


ps--I just spent waaaaay too long reading about the band, and ordered a CD for Lily...I LOVE that kind of music, LOVE it!!!! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing this, Bridget. I so wanted to attend but couldn't work it out! I wonder if they recorded it?

Kris V.

Our Magnum Opus

HI Kris! They did record it. Heart to Heart has recordings from past talks available at all the talks, so you could pick it up if you attend another one. Here is the info from their website to order.

To Order CDs of Heart to Heart Speakers, contact
us at:
cwa@rc.net or
call 734-930-7497
Cost: $7.50 per CD plus shipping and handling


I contacted Maria, but she said they aren't selling this particular talk because of the personal nature of it. :( Bummer! :) (But I understand ).

Our Magnum Opus

Thanks for posting the info Kris!

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