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July 05, 2010


Mary Ellen Barrett

Silly man, cookbooks are for inspiration and fun! Recipes are what you get from your mom and your friends.

Jennifer Gregory Miller

Ah, well-said, Mary Ellen. Yes, cookbooks aren't just a compilation of recipes! And even if they were, there are those recipes that aren't used all the time that need to be referred. Baking requires exact measurements compared to cooking meals. And holidays with the special traditional recipes and plans require those books.

And the internet, while great for recipes, doesn't give the whole package as a book.


I said less than 10, but it used to be more.Call me weird. :) I'm becoming a minimalist, and I look everything up on the internet anyway. I'd say 80% of my cookbooks are specialty allergy cookbooks, because those types of recipes are harder to search for.


I actually have my cookbooks on 2 shelves - the three that I actually consult (America's Test Kitchen, BHG, and Joy of Cooking) and all the rest that I inherited or that belong to husband who likes to plot about cooking exotic Asian food.


I just LOVE reading cookbooks and recipes.

But, I completely agree with Mary Ellen.


I have around 50. I have been collecting them inspired by Aunt Jutta. She had a lovely area in her kitchen that just looked so homey with all of the cookbooks in it!!

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