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March 19, 2010


Jennifer Gregory Miller

Bridget, I don't think it was reactionary at all. This was extremely helpful. I have observed these observations. I do really think that boys/men are wired a bit differently and technology is really wreaking havoc on them.

Big hugs and thanks for posting this!

Stephanie in Germany

Bridget, you are truly blessed to have such a pastor!
I'd love to hear his talk on girls!


Thank you for posting this, Bridget. We received a Wii for Christmas and it is still in the box, because I don't want the distraction and the fighting that will certainly go along with it. Most of my feelings toward video games (and a lot of the new technology) are just hunches, so it is nice to read an article such as this. I'm going to print it out for my husband to read. :)

Donna Marie

Keep right on talking, Bridget. I get so much insight whenever you offer any such advice on young men! You are a very wise woman!


Dear Bridget

I love this post. We have similar ideas. In particular my husband having the authority and both of us parents setting the example in the use of technology.


JoAnna Parente

This is wonderful! I totally am on the same page... we're a no gameboy, no gaming, no PS3ing, no xbox, etc. family. It has been our family rule from the beginning...

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