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September 20, 2009



I am 45 now and I often ponder the same things. My oldest is getting married this coming May and my thought is this: If we conceived this month I would be an 8-month -along mother of the bride. I would be quite a sight walking down the aisle!
I know God has a sense of humor... but that would be beyond funny!


I know an incredible Catholic homeshooling mother who had ten children to raise. When she realized that she would not have any more "tummy babies", she adopted twins (baby girls), giving her a dozen children. Could God be calling you to do something similar? Could it be why you want one more? :)


You are incredibale woman, mother and great inspiration to me!!! Thanks for this post!!!


Right there with you. I ordered 8 but so far I have 6; 4 here and 2 in heaven.


You are such a strong woman, and have always been and continue to be an inspiration to me.


Such a great post!!! I just turned 40 last week and I'm begging for more. There is still hope, right?


I am 42 and baby number 8 is due in February. I thought we were finished too and this baby was a big big surprise.

I had a very difficult pregnancy with number 7 and was trying to convince my husband that he should be our last baby. Little did I know that I would change my mind only a year after his birth.

This pregnancy is going really well and I am so happy to be blessed again.

I over heard my 8 year old the other day saying to her 9 year old brother, I am going to pray that mum has a girl after the baby is born. She prayed for a year that we would have another baby in family prayer so maybe her prayers will be answered.


Oh...yes...I understand!

45 and nine have blessed our family, six born since my thirties. I often wonder if there's just one more. Xavier Augustine. Therese Celeste. The names are waiting, my arms, too.

God is good, He gives as He wills and has been so generous to this family. Still...one more?

We can hope and pray...

Our Magnum Opus

Chris, I know several ladies who have been pregnant or had a newborn at their oldest child's wedding. It's beautiful!

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