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August 25, 2009



Thank you Bridget!!


I sure have a long way to go and may never get there; I'm a terrible food planner. I'm trying to recover from separating and binning the legos and knex that had overtaken the school room. Toys are once again finding their proper homes. Good luck with your pre-school projects.


I'll take a copy of both binders and the index cards. How much are they selling for???


I'll take a set as well. How do you order them? And your sloppy joes that have 'no recipe' were the best I ever had, so what do you put in them?
God bless


Oh yes and the menu planning, well I finely made it there too! I got my oldest daughter old enough to make a 4 week menu and the matching shopping list. Now her dad and her have a regular date every other saturday at costco. The things we need from albertsons she picks up as well when needed. It saves us a lot money. Unless her dad has to work and I have to take her to costco. Then we are in trouble!!!!

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