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March 01, 2009



CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!

Cassandra poppe

What a blessing! What a happy Mama you must be!

Charlotte (Matilda)

Congratulations! She is beautiful!!!


Congratulations Galbraiths's she is just beautiful.


HUAH! Congrats, guys. Bridget--you made it, girl. Lydia's beautiful! (((Hugs and more hugs)))


Congratulations! What a blessing! She is gorgeous!


Lots of love and congratulations to the Galbraith family. Little Lydia is gorgeous!


She is absolutely gorgeus! I am all teary eyed looking at the beautiful picture of both of you. Congratulations!


Oh she's GORGEOUS! And you look fabulous, Bridget. I adore ADORE her name. Give her a cuddle from me. Happy babymoon!

Michele from Illinois

Congratulations!!!! Your blog was my first stop this morning to see if there was news!
Enjoy that new baby smell and all the cuddles!


Congratulations!!! What a blessing to welcome March with your own sweet little Lamb! Mom and precious Lydia are both so lovely! May your babymoon days be kissed with profound grace, abundant blessings and pure joy!


OH Bridget!!! How wonderful. I am so very happy for you all. Beautiful Name! DEO GRATIAS!!!!


Congratulations you all and praises to the Lord!!!! What a blessing. Hugs to you all.


Congratulations!! I love that she is already intently looking at you! :)


Congratulations, Bridget and family!!! Lydia is beautiful.


OH, she is so beautiful! Congratulations! You look great, Bridget... wow! Wish we could bring your family a meal...


She is so beautiful!!! (And so is her Mom!) Congratulations to all! God bless.

Jennifer in TX

So very happy for you and the family, Bridget! Many congrats with prayers for the best babymoon ever!!


Congratulations Bridget! Beautiful baby and beautiful name!

lisaR in IL

congrats!!! I'm so glad that she is here. you both look great!! praying that this postpartum time is a peaceful one for you!

Nancy Restuccia

Dear Galbraiths-
What a perfect beauty! (And the baby looks pretty good too!) :)
What wonderful news- the world needs more Galbraiths!
God bless you!
Nance, Eric and Gang

Alice Gunther

She is so stunningly beautiful! I am overjoyed for you all!

Gorgeous name too!

Prayers of thanksgiving being said.

Mary Ellen Barrett

She is so beautiful!! I am thrilled for all of you. Thanks be to God for little Lydia.

Wendy in VA

Congratulations! She is beautiful! And I love her name. :o)


Congratulations! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby! :) Enjoy your babymoon and prayers of thanksgiving for your newest blessing. God is good.

Richard Weigel

Dear Galbraith Family,
Congratulations and this truly is another masterpiece from all of you and through the master's hand. You are indeed blessed.

Emily Snow

How beautiful! Look at her look at her mommy!

Duane Hoeppner

My little God-daughter is beautiful! Not to rub it in to anyone- but I got to see her in person! God bless the Galbraiths.


Congratulations! What a little sweetie she is :-)

Stephanie in FL

You are both beautiful!


Yeah! What an answer to prayers. She's beautiful; looking forward to more pictures.


Just beatiful, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so happy for you, Bridget!! Congratulations to you and your family. Welcome baby Lydia!


Congratulations, she is beautiful.

Laura in WA

Congratulations to all! She's beautiful and I adore her name . . . I've been inactive on MO but do check in from time to time and have been looking for your news. Enjoy the babymoon! God Bless you.


Just had to throw my WHOOP & HOLLER in. :o)
Congratulations, Bridget.

I am so so so happy for you and Kevin!

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