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February 24, 2009



They are good. I love the brakes line! We always get so nervous with surprises that our jitters just give it away. :)

What a treat Bridget!


Whooo-hooooo!!!!! Way to go Kevin, Galbraith-Offspring and lotsa-friends (who know how to make a lovely food-table, by the way)!!!!

And, now you know why you haven't gone into labor yet :) It's THEIR fault. lol!

Man, you really ARE Dutch.....are you REALLY holding that large child while 38 weeks pregnant? I don't think my Slavic-bones could take that. And my Swedish back definitely could not! Not to mention my German-hips...they would give birth right then-and-there.


How lovely Bridget! Wonderful job Galbraith clan! ;) Bridget, I am keeping you close in prayer. You look wonderful!


What a lovely surprise! And the table looks divine. : )

Anxiously waiting...


How lovely! We're praying for you and baby girl here at Chez Gadbois!

Mary Watson

That is awesome and you are so deserving of being showered with love:0

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