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February 02, 2009



Dear Bridget, Excellent post. I am just over 24 hours postpartum, and I can so relate to every word of this. Sometimes I think the last few weeks of pregnancy can only be enjoyed in retrospect! :) Many prayers for you and your baby girl - it would be nice for the two of them to meet sometime!

Jennifer in TX

What an exciting time, Bridget! Continued prayers for you and your sweet baby!

Michele from Illinois

Prayers for you as you enter the last weeks of your pregnancy. The graces are so abundant during this time. I am never very good at being still though...


Your post made me laugh, Bridget! I can so relate to the part about your extreme nesting phase in your previous pregnancies - I think with our last, number 7, three days before his birth I was digging up plants and making a Home Depot run for more. I don't feel so energetic this time around and I'm only 14 weeks! :)

I so enjoy your blog though I don't post a lot, and I've been meaning to write you for so long to tell you of our adventures with the priests of Miles Christi that are with us now in San Diego.

Prayers for you during these last weeks!



Donna Marie

oh Bridget! this is too funny! I can so relate and felt the same way with this last pregnancy. I felt totally elated if I managed to do even the simplest of things...and the stocking thing...yep. I TOTALLY understand ;o)
We will pray you over that finish line, my dear! How wonderful to snuggle into pink this time of year!
God bless,
donna marie


You best get that camera working in the next week or so! We want baby pictures. lol

Enjoy the countdown cause you know you'll miss it when it's over.


Very funny Bridget! I feel like I'm getting there. I'm only 26 weeks but so washed out by 3pm. Sometimes I feel that way when I wake up. Love the whale pic. Poor whale.


Bridget - I so am with you on the beached whale thing -and the rub is that I am 23 weeks only! I am trying not to "wish away the time" - but I have already decided that this little girl has to arrive on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima - almost 37 weeks - the latest I have ever gone. I am doing my major nesting now.

Praying for you - looking forward to hearing your good news.


Good grief.....would you tell Kevin to get his priorities straight! You need a "final weeks last belly shot"!!!!

Great post. I'll have to remember to read this "next time"......:) Just kidding. I'm not pregnant. :)

Wow! only a couple or few more weeks!
Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!!!!

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