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January 15, 2009



I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Kristina and family


Today I will finish reading The Last Battle, MY third time through the series. I am sad. These are my two youngest.

I LOVE Dr. Sears' site, too.........thankfully I rarely use it! :) But, I always recommend it........esp in my childbirth classes.

I am glad everyone is feeling better.......you gave me a chuckle about the DR visit though. :)

For some reason........NOT a one of my kids has EVER got the CP........frustrating.



Bridget - I have been praying for all of you over the last few weeks - you must be so exhausted in your third trimester. I hope everyone is well recovered now and you are able to get some rest. Knowing you I am sure everything is ready to roll for the new little one. Not too long to go...

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