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April 06, 2008


Jennifer in TX

What a lovely post, Bridget. Theodore will indeed be a powerful intercessor, I am sure. He has the most beautiful eyes. :)

We are praying for Theodore's family and for you in your sorrow at not being able to be there. God bless you this Sunday.


Thank you for your kind words and your hospitality whenever we were in Michigan. I remember well the plaintive wail of "kill fly please!"

I miss him too and wish I had been more patient with him.

Donna Marie

This is so beautiful! I am all choked up...my heartfelt prayers are with you, your family and Theodore's family as well!

God love you, dear lady!

Mary Watson

That is just beautiful. I have cried for them many times as i have read the posts about Theodore and tried to fathom how they are dealing with this.. I am praying!!!!


This is a beautiful post about a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing it. I will keep this grieving family in my prayers.


I have been praying for this family - I don't know them, but my oldest son is on the autistic spectrum, and I always feel a connection with other families who have been touched by autism.

Theodore, pray for us...


Beautiful words, Bridget. I'm all teary. Praying for his family and for his intercession too.


Thanks for telling us about Theodore. Prayers of consolation for his family. God bless you!

Adele and family.


Hi Bridget,

That was a beautiful remembrance of Theodore!

You don't know me, but I have been a 4Real lurker for years :)
I wanted to let you know that I attend the same Parish as Theodore's family and I was able to go to his funeral. It was a wonderful celebration of his life, and I prayed for you and your family during Mass.
Blessings to you all!

Julie at Trinity Acres

This is truly beautiful Bridget. What a lovely post. My prayers are with their family.

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