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January 29, 2008



Sledding in the mud is NOT a Galbraith gene!


That's making me feel better about my mud bowl -- it doesn't look quite as extensive as yours!! LOL!!


now how about if that son of yours was SO EXHAUSTED from said sledding that he just trooped on upstairs coat and all to his bed and plopped down on his back for a little rest?
yep, that's our Dominic for you!!


Ohmygoodness! Hoping your washer is up to the task :-)

Jennifer in TX

All I can say is you are a better mom than I...I wouldn't have taken a picture--I would have just lost it, instead! :S


Oh, My! I'm sorry. Sometimes, you have to wonder what they are thinking. It's still to cold here to melt but my entry way will look like that soon enough. You're not alone! {{{hugs}}}

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