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December 31, 2007



Beautiful family, Bridget. Merry Christmas!


What a nice picture. Bridget, your family is beautiful. A Blessed New Year to all of you!

your priest

Hey waitaminnit! Where is your handsome parish priest? Wasn't he in this picture? Did you Photoshop him out? Oh well...as handsome as he is, he couldn't possibly compare well with the rest of the gleaming specimens pictured here..! -- your handsome parish priest :)

Mary Watson

I love it!! you all look great!! i can't believe how much Kevin is changing - he is getting the man look about him. It is kind of scary isn't it? I still can't believe my baby Austin is going to be 16 in 11 days so I can imagine how it feels to see all your kids growing up so fast:)


You have a great big beautiful family! Happy New Year.

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