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December 29, 2007



It wasn't the dirt on Mother's Day, as much as it was the vacuum on Valentine's Day.

Nothing says, "I Love You!" like an Oreck.


i am getting a new crockpot from dh for epiphany (when we exchange gifts) and dh is getting a frying pan and cutting boards. oh, we also "gifted" eachother with a new roof :)
I'd love an oreck for valentines day, maybe in red?? :)
good idea about the brown bathrobe. I think you need to use a lidded travel mug in the home though, with your history!!
(what I got for my birthday from dh!!)


"...it won't show coffee stains." LOL

I Love it!

Merry Christmas, Bridget.


Funny post in just oh-so-many ways!!! *wink* Off to put a hold on the Mother Teresa book!

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