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May 02, 2007



We only have 4 so far, and my ultimate pet peeve comment is "Are you done?" How insulting while I am holding the most precious, beautiful baby in my arms. I almost always say "I don't know, God hasn't told us that yet!" And they are taken aback and don't really know what to say to that except a shocked "Oh"!

Margaret in Minnesota

When my five children and I are out and we get the "You sure have your hands full!" remark, I wiggle the fingers of one hand, and say, "Actually, only one!"

Usually, the person who made the comment will laugh.

Or, when I hear "You sure must be busy!" I say, "Yep. Life is never lonely."

Because it's not at all, is it, Bridget? No, indeed. We are richly blessed in our "big" families. Busy, yes, but richly blessed.


"One child! You must have a television!"



Okay,now you made my husband splutter his tea when he read your 'television' comment! Too funny!

Heather - NY

Great Post, Bridget! When people tell me that I have my hands full (and I only have 4), I smile and say, "Yes, but in a good way!" That usually ends the discussion about my perceived "overwhelmed" state.

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