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April 12, 2007



I don't think you guys need any ideas. You've already come up with so many creative names. I like the The Chick Inn.

Donna Marie

"Le Poulet Chalet" is what they names their coop here:
I thought this coop was so cool looking...yep, I need a hobby and I am willing to raise my own eggs!! Do you think the neighbors would mind ;o)

hmm...in a survey of a few rained-in kids, we have come up with the following:

...the Eg-glu
Cluckingham Palace...(but ds prefers Buckinghen Palace.)
The Foul line
The Shell Station
a little corney...but what else can you do without any more Easter candy, I ask! :o)


Friends of mine felt it was important that their chooks had names they could pronounce themselves... Beck, Brooke and Bjork:-)

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