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March 29, 2007


Suzanne Temple

We love this sort of book, too. This one looks great and what prices on the used copies! Are you familiar with the "Back to the Basics" books. I think there are at least two editions. If not, I bet you'd enjoy those, too.

Alice Gunther

Oh, I will have to look for this. Thank you!

Mary G.


I too love this book -- and dream of some day owning a small plot of land and subsistence farming .... I also like the books from Storey (www.storey.com) -- those are more to drool over (but thankfully my library had all the ones that I can't afford to buy yet)

Mary Ellen Barrett

I enjoy the Storey books. This looks great but I wonder why it's so much money? Thanks for the recommendation Bridget. I'm putting it on our library list!


That book even tells you how to farm Lamas, Alpacas, and Ostriches.

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