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February 12, 2007


Linda Sharp

ah ha ha saving electricity one of my favorite subjects . In paying the utility bills over the last year- since the 2000 foot addition and the 2x price hike in gas. I have deduced that it would be a good time to switch to electric heat!!!!! Why can't all the children do their school around the table wearing sweatshirts and blankets it works . and why has the four year old suddenly decided that she must use the bathroom in the back of the house and turn on every light back there in the process at least 7times a day? of which there are no less than 11 lights . could this possibily be leading to my enourmous bills? Or could the 10 loads of laundry , and the 12 showers, and the 4 loads in the dishwasher and the 2 refrigerators and the freezer be adding to this bill??????? Well I don't know the answer yet I imagine it will come in about 14 years. Boo Hoo I guess I won't complain about the high utility bills anymore and thank God for all the children He gave me to make them that way, while I look at them in their blankets around the kitchen table!

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