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February 24, 2007


Elizabeth Foss

I'm with you! Mary Beth has a black eye. Stephen has a bruised back. Nicholas hit a great shot at basketball today. Then another and another. When one of the dads asked how he'd been practicing with all the ice around, he told him he'd been shooting on the hoop they rigged in the family room!


I sure hope it comes soon! The twiddling their thumbs definitely won't happen.


Texas is a GREAT answer to your troubles! I sometimes start to remember what that was like and quickly thank God for Texas! Honestly, after almost 11 years in Texas I have taken the weather for granted. You quickly(3years for me) get used to the heat (which is a good thing, because we got plenty) then enjoy.


You and me, both! I think if they can't get outside soon I will go insane!

Aunt Kari

Start twiddling kids! I don't want anybody moving to Texas. Come on I know you can twiddling faster than that!!!

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