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January 24, 2007



Oh Bridget this gave me goosebumps!! I will have to revisit this on those days when I feel there is no end in sight!!


Oh, Bridget, you took the words straight out of my heart! I'm one of the greedy beggars too, so please add me to your prayer list. I am praying for you as well, ever since you posted the request at 4Real. I've got a blog post brewing on this very topic...

Cay in La.

Oh, Bridget, what a wonderful post.

And you aren't greedy at all. You're one of the most life-giving, life-affirming, selfless mothers I am privileged to know.

Jenny Buckley

Bridget, if you would add me to your prayer list I would be eternally grateful. We really want another baby - we have two wonderful boys (9 and 5), but have been unable to have another baby. We even tried fostering to adopt! We had two little ones in our home for a year, and recently had them removed and returned to their birthmom, despite the fact that we thought we would be their forever family. It's been so heartbreaking - I find myself burying my head in their pillows just to remember their baby smell - I miss them so. I just want to have another baby - even if it's only one more - I always dreamed of having a large family... We could really use your prayers.


Please add my friend Liz to your prayer list. She is pregnant now with her 15th, but she has miscarried all but two of them. She almost always miscarries in her fourth or fifth month. They have been to all the specialist, but no one has been able to help.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Mary Ellen Barrett

I would love to be added. The twins are six months old and I am already missing that sweet newborn stage. We are unsure what God wants from us now and the cardiologist is so sure he is right. Prayers would help.

friend of wife of dadwithnoisykids

If you would be so kind as to add my name. Many thanks - Sue

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