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January 25, 2007


Jane Ramsey

Dear Bridget,
Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer. We conceived our first son after lighting a candle at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche!

Margaret in Minnesota

Is it just me or do you strongly resemble your mother?!!

Both photos (and the stories behind them) are beautiful.


This is a very nice idea, Bridget. I hope you will be the first!

Our Magnum Opus

Margaret, yes, my mother and I are nearly interchangeable. In photos taken at the same age, we could be mistaken for each other. (I'm taller.)


Bridget, Thank you for praying for all of us. I will remember all of you at every Mass and Rosary. It brought tears to my eyes. I love those pictures : )


Thanks for including us. We made our pilgrimage asking God to bless us with more children.

Julie in WI

Beautiful Bridget!
At first I thought your mother was you! I love your blog.

Heidi Galbraith

Any chance I can get you to add my friend Lyz L.??

Thank you Bridget-you're great!

Mary Ann Rogan

Sorry I'm coming late to this, but could you please add my name to the list?
Thanks! Praying for all!

Jessica Kelty

I am late to this as well. Please add my name to the list. My husband and I have been trying for a year to conceive again. Many blessings to you all!


Please would you be so kind to add our name - I read about this at Real Learning blog. I will take the names when I go to Walsingham again, too. We are hoping to be blessed with more children through adoption.


Please add my name to the list. We would like twins and then more after that.

Maria Therese


May I please be added to this list? My name is Maria Therese. My husband and I were married on June 16th 2007, on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! We would really love to have children, but what are our chances really? I am almost 41 and my husband just turned 43. Anybody else here in their forties praying for a child? Or had a child in their forties? I would love to hear from you! May I please ask for your prayers?? Thank you so much!

My email:
[email protected]

May God Bless you.
Maria Therese :)


This is wonderful! We would appreciate your prayers. We are in the process of adopting our first child, but would like to expand our family over the next few years. You all are in my prayers.

Jennifer Cox

I just found your list, and would like to be included. I would also ask you to put my friend Anne B. on the list. My name Jennifer.
Thank-you, and many blessings.


Is it too late to be included in your list of mothers praying for just one more? I have 3 boys, and am 41. We had hoped for "just one more" this year but this year my youngest, age 2, was diagnosed with leukemia. I do not see how the Lord can send us more, at my age and with my youngest son's condition, but still I wish for it. I have very few friends with whom I can share this wish of my heart, because most feel that 3 is plenty, and besides with a chronically-ill youngster, why would I desire more anyway? I would never want to take away time and energy from my ill son (though at this time he is healing well), and he could never be replaced should his cancer end this way, but somehow it also seems that this cancer should not rob him (or any of us) of the family that God may have for us, to which we are open, and desire so much.


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