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January 01, 2007


Heather - NY

Looks great!!! Congrats. I found my sewing machine to be like the computer. I just had to play with it a bunch to get the hang of it and then it became second nature. So I think you are taking the right tact with it!

Jennifer in TX

Well, Bridget, I think you did a fantastic job--your sewing machine is going to get quite a workout, I imagine! :)

Mary Ellen Barrett

How cute. I think you are starting off great. I have only used my manual to look up how to use the zipper foot. I still haven't figured that out. You just keep at it and it will become much easier.


I'm impressed!


It looks great. I learn exactly the same way and so do my kids.

Heidi Galbraith

It's times like this when I wish I was closer to home-I'd love to come over and have a sewing party with you!!

Kristen Laurence

I think it's terrific! It inspires me to learn to sew. I've wanted to start for years.

Cay in La.

How cute!

Linda Sharp

Bridgetyou are amazing I really enjoyed the tips and the inspiration .My godson is getting so big it made me cry! I would say that author is in your future maybe between college and grankids . Give everyone a kiss from me and keep up the good work raising spouses for my children !

Linda Sharp

Hey I didnt realizewe were talking about sewing . I made 21 stockings for christmas this year for my first project .The kids liked them so much that they asked me to make them for their girlfriends , What an honor hey!

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