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December 01, 2006



Where are the boys in their tuxes??


Too cute Bridget! Looks like a grand event! That view out your window looks lovely! (we just have lots of wet wet rain, no snow yet!)


LoL! That is great! Pass the crumpets, please!

Mary Watson

Of course that is what you gorgeous ladies look like in skirts:)


You ladies look beautiful. I'm glad you finally showed us some candid pictures instead of all those unrealistic shots of you doing ironing and laundry,etc.


These are great! Thank you for the whole skirt week. What a great idea.


You made me laugh, Bridget! Especially the photo of the baby crawling on the table while you had your elegant "tea"! :)

Donna Marie

I love your dresses, Ladies!! Your last pic is priceless...we have a table walker/crawler too ;o)

Nice post..I agree with Cheryl...so much more realistic ...LOL

Cay in La.


These pics are mar-ve-lous. Simply mar-ve-lous.



Well, I DO declare! I, too, especially love the babe on the table during "high tea."

Margaret in Minnesota

What a coincidence! That is just how *I* look when I descend the stairs each day.

Loved loved loved this post, and the joyful sense of humor behind it.


Oh Bridget,
That was FUNNY!
Right up there with Dadwithnoisykids!


What fun, Bridget. Thanks for the smile.


"Right up there with Dadwithnoisykids!" http://beta.blogger.com/profile/07524886860399817926

You've made it to the Big Time now, dear!


Heather - New York

Oh Bridget, you're a hoot!!!

Karen E.

Oh, my deah,
You are all so lovely!


Bridget, this is so funny. How did I miss this post? : )

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