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December 04, 2006



Heee heee heee!! THAT is my WHOLE living room for the past WEEK! It's melting now, so the snow clothes have gone back into the basement (aka: the abyss).


How encouraging! I just tackled my entryway today -- it's indescribable! Snow and six kids is not a tidy combination, that's for sure.

Mary Watson

Just the other day the boys were talking about how they miss Michigan because they miss snow. I was tellling them I didn't and partly just because of this stuff. It takes forever to get ready to go anywhere and then you have a mess of stuff along with wet muddy floors. I miss the change of seasons but not the snow and cold.


This is what my mudroom looks like right now, but it hasn't snowed here yet. It was just windy and cold today.


LOL! Laundry alone is a full-time job when it snows!

Alice Gunther

LOL! This scene is quite familiar!!!

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