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December 02, 2006


Alice Gunther

I can't get over finding this post here, because you are speaking to a thought I've had on my mind all day. It is such an enormous blessing to have this large and loving family. As an only child, I can hardly believe my children are growing up in such a large happy group. What an incredible thing it is to have siblings--I am so grateful God has granted this gift to my children.

Rambling a bit, but I love this post and can't thank you enough for including our family in it.

Alice Gunther

These pictures are so joyful, by the way. How perfectly they illustrate the sentiments expressed in this post.


The key to love and service is knowledge. Homeschooling has allowed all of our family to know each other (good and not so good) and it is really enjoyable going out as a family or just doing "nothing" together.
We like sharing the good bits of our family life. Thanks for the link.

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