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November 15, 2006



Bahahaha! The image of this is hilarious. Tomorrow is "Thankful Thursday"....you can be thankful for BUCKETS FOUND and a CLEAN TABLE! (at least for a moment! :)


I love this post! I'm asking myself the same question. I do have clean laundry, but the house it littered with stuff, and I can't do anything about it tonight, because I have to read all of my favorite blogs.


Oh, so you're the fly on the wall in my house!

As I was cleaning up the kitchen dishes tonight, I thought, "I really should take a picture of this and post it to my blog to encourage other moms."

I still might do it.

I still bet your mess is cleaner than mine ;-D!


geez...this sounds so familiar. Are you sure you weren't at my house today?


Oh Bridget, I love your humor! You have definitely lightened my down mood! I was feeling the weight of taking care of a house full of people today. Glad to see I am not the only one...

Donna Marie

oh oh! this is my house! folding on the dining room table and all! ...only...we start with the dishwasher ....aaaand if you get enough people helping you don't have to put the dishes down before putting them away...lol

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