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November 30, 2006



Bridget, I love that rocking photo!


I cann't remember the last time I had to buckle in one of my little ones in the van, even though we still have 3 in car seats. I also find it difficult to move around in a 15 passenger van in a skirt. So I don't go there, thats what our older noisykids are for! Of coarse I only take the van if I'm taking more then 7 noisykids. I love the pictures! The noisykids and I cann't wait to see the new ones each day! Your children are growing so FAST!
God bless
PS. Noisykid #8 said "Ohhh, they REALLY love their momma!"

Our Magnum Opus

Only the big boys can handle strapping Dominic in, he is a handful! Don't be fooled by his cherubic expression. The boys stayed home to finish their school work.


I'm enjoying this series on skirts, Bridget! It is fun to have this peek into your life! :)

Cay in La.

This is fun.

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