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November 28, 2006



I want to see you working in the kitchen! Ok, I just want to see the Make-over you did on the kitchen. It really looks different from what I remember. Guess I haven't done well keeping in touch, But we do remember y'all everyday in prayer!Love and prayers, Carolyn

Heather - New York

Can I ask what kind of fabric that is? I seem to be stuck in denim skirts all the time.

Our Magnum Opus

Heather, that was just black twill. It's sturdy like denim. I also like moleskin for it's durability and classy look. Rayon prints are nice for a flowy, feminine look.

Hi Carolyn! I was going to bake, but the weather was so nice we went outside instead. The kitchen still needs some painting but it's almost done!

Jenn Miller

Bridget, you look lovely...and your femininity makes every area look better!


You're looking elegant near that compost pile. Thanks for doing this.


My dad says there is an Ancient Chinese Proverb that goes something like this: "She who turns compost in a skirt, can do most ANYTHING in a skirt!" Great photo! ]
And it reminded me that I need to bring my worm bin in for the winter!

Our Magnum Opus

Umm, your worm bin Suzanne? In, as in 'in the house'?

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