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November 22, 2006


Heidi Galbraith

I think it's wonderful that you wear skirts and dresses-I couldn't imagine you in anything else! You said you've only been doing it the last three years-but you've been my Aunt a lot longer-and I think skirts suit you wonderfully!

(If I could solve the boot problem, I might join you!)


Thanks for sharing your experience wearing skirts. I just started wearing them -yesterday (lol) so it's encouraging hearing your story. I too don't like to draw attention to myself, I'd rather blend in with other people.


You won't catch me ever wearing a skirt!


I have been wearing skirts exclusively for the past few years although my husband like me in jeans. I wear them around the house with him sometimes. It is a sacrifice for me to wear them (the jeans).

Our Magnum Opus

It is really nice to know that others are wearing skirts too!

Dear Dadwithnoisykids, you have handsome legs, you could wear a kilt...


My girls and I participate in a homeschool co-op which is skirts only, and I do admire you ladies for only wearing skirts. I plan to join your ranks as soon as I can wean myself from pants. . . how DID you learn to clean in a skirt?!


Thank you for sharing this Bridget. I wore skirts exclusively for about 2 years, then slid back into jeans. I have been in skirts again for the past 6 months. My resolve is much firmer this time around.


I've been wearing skirts/dresses-only for about 2 years now too. Good post.

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