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November 27, 2006



Yes, this helped me too, a couple years ago when i started wearing skirts/dresses...to see others WORKING in a skirts/dresses. Good idea posting these. here's another link along the same line:



.....and you DON'T look frumpy!!!! You look really quite elegant! That's the beauty of it; you can look elegant and beautiful with a BROOM IN YOUR HAND!

Heather - New York

It is truly amazing what you can do in a skirt. The "world" would have you believe that you can't work in a skirt but women did it for thousands of years. Women in pants is really a new trend historically speaking. Thanks for the encouragement.
Heather from Magnum-Opus


These pictures are encouraging. The discussions on this topic have really helped me too. I've been wearing skirts for 6 days now. I just cleaned my first toilet and it didn't seem to be a problem. BTW, you don't look frumpy, you look great!


Wonderful Bridget! This is such a great idea! I may go for it next week! You look wonderful and so does your home. I LOVE getting these little peeks into households similar to my own.


I'm just glad I cleaned up my piles, in our bedroom, before that middle picture was taken! Please no pictures in my messy garage ;-)

Seriously, Bridget defines 'femininity' for me. She is the yardstick by which I measure it.



OK...so you got me started. Here is day 1 chez moi.


Cay in La.

You look lovely. Thanks for sharing your week in skirts. I look forward to more photos. I'm really a skirts-wannabe and this helps me so much to see how its done 4real. :)


Thank you!!! This is very helpful. (And you look very nice, definitely not frumpy!)


Wow! You look so comfortable. I just got rid of all my pants last week and I'm really enjoying wearing skirts. God bless you. Ruth


You look great, Bridget! I'm jealous of that cool blue washer and dryer set, too, LOL.. but I remember how hard you worked before getting them! And I'm impressed that you actually LIKE ironing...


Another skirts wannabe, watching to see how you do it all looking SO feminine. I want my girls to remember their Mother looking like a lady, not a jock.
I'll let you know when I'm ready to take the plunge. Meanwhile, I've been secretly stocking the closet with skirts. . .

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