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October 22, 2006


Alice Gunther

This has to be my favorite meme ever. I especially liked knowing you can whip up dinner for 100 in one day. I'll bet it would be good too.


I so enjoyed reading your list, Bridget. I had to smile at #2 - we listened to A Charlie Brown Christmas in the car yesterday. :)


I can understand listening to Christmas music in October, but the ironing??? Seriously though, thanks for doing it. I agree with Alice, this was my favorite meme yet. I like finding out these interesting facts about people.

Cay in La.

My husband and my mom are my best friends too. :)

Donna Marie

Since my dh is the former Marine...HE is the ironer around here...lol

Thanks for the tag...I just got it up! It was hard to start, but fun to do!!

Great list Bridget!


You are a "Party-Chef"! I have several Italian friends that can "whip up food for 100"...we call them "Party Chefs" !! Nothing makes a good party like lots of food! My mom hid things in our food too, and now I do it too. I believe it's a very good talent for a mother to have. And, yes, this WAS a very fun Meme to do.

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