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August 17, 2006


Donna Marie

Woo Hoo! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I love your pics! Thank you so much for sharing!
it looks like you have been busy ...your blog is lovely!

Donna Marie

ooh btw...I love the way the light hits the pics at the top of your photo....it looks like it was placed there!


Love the blog!! I love how well organized it is by child. I need to do that. Thanks for the idea.

Our Magnum Opus

Oh thankyou for the nice comments! I'm so excited... my first comments!


Welcome to the blogging world!

You are right, those things are very lovely! :)


Bridget, I LOVE the long computer counter! I've envisioned something similar for our home, but never knew quite how to make it work. Ya'll are brilliant! (And I love that your first blogging highlight was about the baby. :) )


Welcome, welcome, Bridget and family!

I'm so excited you finally got on the blog wagon. :)

It's great fun!

Love the "lively" school room. Thanks for sharing.


Great job utilizing a small space! I have the exact same issue and it is a challenge! You are right, though, that it is all the learning and loving that happens in there that makes it so lovely!


Life is loveliness!! Thanks for sharing yours!


I think it is quite lovely. I really like the wall of holy images along with the children's art.


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